Caring assemblies. Designing for better futures.
Ana Naomi de Sousa and Bernardo Amaral + conversation with Sinho Baessa de Pina
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Ana Naomi de Sousa is an independent documentary filmmaker and writer-journalist, who works on history, identity, culture and spatial politics. She is the director of The Architecture of Violence and Guerrilla Architect, and the filmmaker on Forensic Architecture’s Saydnaya project, among others. She writes for Al Jazeera English, The Funambulist, The Guardian, et al.

Bernardo Amaral is an architect, researcher, and activist based in Porto. His Ph.D. research at FCTUC-DARQ focuses on design methodologies of self-organized architecture collectives working with right-to-housing movements. At his studio, BAAU, much of their practice deals with refurbishment of old buildings for affordable housing, partnering with associations like Habitar Porto. In collaboration with other colleagues and activists, he is also part of GATHU, providing technical assessment to right to housing movements and associations. Bernardo is also a tutor and lecturer in several workshops and seminars. Currently, he teaches a post-graduation course at ESAP.

Sinho Baessa de Pina a is a cultural worker, rapper (part of the group BFH – Bairro Fontainha HardCorre), dancer, community organiser and vice President of the Cavaleiros de Sao Bras community association, in Lisbon.
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